Labour Law


Contract of employment or notice of dismissal - have what you are signing checked.


As a highly specialised service provider, I take on representation of businesses, workers, and executives alike in the field of civil law. As a result of my activities in the field of corporate law, I also advise on personnel matters, particularly concerning long-term planning, structuring, and designing liability-reducing risk management for managers and directors.

By preparing employment contracts and coordinating the legalities of the departments with each other, and by adapting the legal framework for expanding or downsizing the company, I help to ensure legally secure and problem-free operations as far as possible. All contracts will of course be prepared in compliance with current law and in compliance with the legal framework for general terms and conditions.

Termination of employment carries substantial risks for both for the employer and the employee. Only professionally competent advice and representation can prevent the loss of a job or, on the other hand, the payment of unjustifiably high severance pay or back pay.

Overall, my service offers the equivalent of an internal legal department without the substantial costs that arise for such a department.