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Branches of law

Activities and areas of interest


Tenancy & Residential Property Law

Tenancy law plays a central role in the functioning of housing markets and aims to create a fair balance between the interests of landlords and tenants. It thus regulates the varied and diverse legal relationships between the tenant on the one hand and the landlord on the other.

Commercial & Corporate Law

Commercial & Corporate Law Commercial law is specifically for business operations and relates primarily to the legal relationship between a company and its customers, as well as its corporate and competition relations with other companies.

Inheritance Law

The right of inheritance relates on the one hand to instructions about what is to happen to a person’s property when he or she dies, and on the other to the beneficiary of such instructions. In the objective sense it also describes the legal norms which deal with the transfer of the assets of the testator to one or more other persons.
Core competencies

A balanced combination of core competencies in the fields of commercial and corporate law, tenancy and residential property law, employment and inheritance law enables me to advise and represent clients in all situations relating to these areas reliably and with an in-depth knowledge of the law.

As a result, clients benefit not only from the individual area of expertise but also from my knowledge and experience of all four areas of the law. Operations on behalf of companies on the one hand and private individuals on the other create benefits for both parties. This is particularly evident in activities on behalf of the employer / landlord on the one hand, and the employee / tenant on the other hand.

Within the scope of inheritance law, specialisation in commercial and corporate law and expert knowledge of real estate law are highly beneficial, because it often happens that the assets to be bequeathed are related to property and/or a company, or it may be necessary for tax reasons to prepare and implement the transfer of such assets gradually while the testator is still alive. These activities always make it necessary to see ‘the bigger picture’ beyond the individual legal field in order to identify the ramifications of the case correctly, and to be able to take the specific legal aspects of every area of the law into consideration.

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