Lawyer Commercial & Corporate Law

Anwalt Handelsrecht Essen

Planning and foundation – for sustainable corporate management.

Activities within the framework of commercial and corporate law include the following:

Substantive commercial law

  • Trade law (§§ 1-104 HGB) (German Commercial Code)
  • Commercial transactions law (§§ 343-406 HGB)

Substantive company law, in particular

  • The rights of private companies
  • The rights of corporations
  • Conversion law
  • Principles of accounting and tax law
  • Principles of employment contract and codetermination law

and aspects of corporate and commercial law in relation to labour law, antitrust law, craft and trade law, inheritance and family law, as well as bankruptcy and criminal law.

In particular, I assist with advice and organisation during the foundation phase of the company. This includes an analysis of the planned company well as an individual recommendation on its optimum legal structure, taking into account tax and legal aspects. As part of the founding process I design statutes, draft management contracts, and advise on accepting investors and other financing options. The necessary accreditation and certifications as well as registrations in the Commercial Register are implemented in close cooperation with a notary.

I will continue to assist with the further development of your company with respect to both commercial law and corporate law aspects. The commonly occurring situation of the company growing without adjusting its legal framework can thus be avoided and therefore the increased risk due to growth is adequately legally protected.

Since Commercial Law and the Commercial Code aim to accelerate the processing of transactions and reduce the need for protection (e.g. immediate investigation and notification of defects in trade buying or fewer procedural requirements) of the companies involved, legal and organisational risk management must be set up in equal measure to provide the relevant security.

Overall, my service offers the equivalent of an internal legal department without the substantial costs that arise for such a department.


  • Member of the Working Group Commercial and Corporate Law in the German Bar Association

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