Lawyer Inheritance Law

Planning and early consultation – creates security.

The area of inheritance law is very extensive and complex, and it also affects a very sensitive and intimate sphere of life. In inheritance law a considerable part of the legal work must therefore focus on providing extensive and prudent advice as well as careful planning. Only in this way can matters becoming contentious be avoided in advance. At this stage the possibility of achieving agreement is significantly greater than at the point where possible fronts have already hardened.

The preparation of wills and inheritance contracts, the amendments to succession, the execution of a will, donations during the donor’s lifetime, the appointment of an heir, the succession and reversionary inheritance, the legacy, the support, the execution of a will, and the division arrangements are just some of the tools that can be mentioned for planning the distribution of assets within and outside the family while at the same time using all legally possible benefits for tax purposes.

In particular, in cases where the assets to be transferred consist of homes or businesses or company shares you will benefit from the combination of core competencies I can provide, while legal advice and representation are also indispensable for optimum results if wills and testamentary dispositions have to be challenged.

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